electric wheelchair liftMany times, when it becomes Difficult to use the staircase, the simplest solution seems to be to prevent those areas of your home that require stair access. While this might look like the best way, it in most cases means that the dimensions of your house is dramatically reduced. The danger though of using the stairs in the event you are not able to do so safely are good though and so this may look like a fair trade. In fact a stair lift can be installed easily and inexpensively in most instances, which will make certain you have the ability to use every area of your dwelling. Stair Lifts are a special kind of home mobility equipment which is used to carry an individual up and down the staircase. They generally feature a chair that is attached to an aluminum track, but there are a couple of models which permit the user to stand as they move up and down the elevator. These standing stair lifts are usually referred to as perch lifts due to the way they are used and are usually reserved for people who are not able to sit without pain. A chaired stair lift is a lot more common.

Most Contemporary stair lifts can easily and quickly be set up to a straight staircase. Quality straight stair lifts, are designed to create the installation process as straightforward as possible. The installation can usually be accomplished with regular tools in a couple of hours, but most traders also have installation teams that could come to your house and install the lift should you not feel comfortable doing it yourself. A straight stair lift will usually be installed directly to the staircase, but in some cases where space is at a premium, they may be connected to the wall. It is much more common for the rail system to be connected to the staircase however, and the installation can usually be completed in an afternoon. While A straight stair lift can be quickly and easily set up, a stair lift for a curved stair case is extremely complicated to install. Besides being much more expensive, a curved stair lift also takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks to be constructed and installed, so it is not a fast or practical solution.

 The other key drawback of a curved stair lift is they can rarely be utilized in another home. The railroad system of a curved stair lift is custom built and so will probably not match another stair case, unless the stairs has precisely the exact measurements. In case you have got anal shaped stair case, then it is possible to put in two straight stair lifts, rather than a single curved stair lift and this can save a substantial quantity of money. Lots of people, that cannot put in straight stair lifts rather invest in a residential elevator, which proves to be a lot more practical and can be around the same cost as a curved stair lift would be. stair lift are extremely important devices that may allow individuals to retain their freedom and independence, while using all areas of their dwelling. A straight stair lift is extremely  inexpensive and provides an extremely important support for many who are mobility challenged.