cockatiel cageIt may be a bit overwhelming when you walk into a store and see the vast array of cages available. It’s difficult to know which the cage for cockatiels is. Cockatiels do need a different cage installation. Here are some tips for equipping and selecting a cage for your cockatiel.

  • Your cockatiel’s cage should be big enough so that he can stretch his wings out without touching any side of the cage. This is so he does not break wing feathers in too small of a cage and for his comfort. You do not want you to be cramped when he resides in his cage the vast majority of the day.
  • The bars of the cage should be the more broadly space variety do not utilize a parakeet cage. So he can climb up and down easily to get off perches and backup this is.
  • You need to have a perches of varying diameters on your cage. This is so your cockatiel’s feet won’t get while perching.
  • Make certain to keep your water and food dishes from beneath the perches where your cockatiel perches the maximum. You do not need to have feathers and faces in his food and water.
  • Cockatiels love to bathe. You may keep a container of water for him to wash. It is possible to obtain the kind that hooks to the door for ease of cleaning and removing.
  • Make certain to have lots of toys for your cockatiel to play together and keep him occupied. Cockatiels hate to be bored and due to their natures that are inquisitive, love to be kept occupied and stimulated. A bored cockatiel can become an obnoxious cockatiel!

These are the highlights of bettering your cockatiel cage. The main Thing is that you need your cockatiel to be comfortable and happy.

Shari Hickman is a bird lover with over 25 years experience increasing Cockatiels, parakeets and finches.

Hand reared chicks will need to be fed. Do not allow the harvest to empty completely. Baby cockatiels will have to be fed three to four hourly. Young parrots will gape for food, but cockatiels will move their heads at a fashion to elicit food from an adult bird. This can make it difficult until you get used to it, to feed the chick.

If you are rearing the cockatiel away from its nest, you may need to keep it warm in a brooder. For chicks that are new that the temperature should be centigrade. As the girls get closer to 2 weeks old reduce this to 27 degrees centigrade.

Though hand rearing cockatiels is rewarding, it is hard work, so be certain that you have the ability to dedicate yourself before you take on the responsibility. Go to these web-siteĀ