pitcher setsFoaming milk for an espresso drink is not difficult once you understand the Steps and have a chance to practice a little. A few measures are to get the foam to your drink. If you are currently using a commercial espresso machine the process will only take around 15 minutes to complete. To start you need to place the nozzle of the steam of the milk pitcher. Be sure the nozzle is 1 half inch under the surface of the milk. When you have the proper position of the nozzle it’s time to open up the steam valve. You want to open the valve. Now the tip will take in air milk. The milk will stretch or expand will make it form foam. It can help to tilt the pitcher to a side, which will create a whirlpool.

Since the foam is forming you want to lower the pitcher, making sure to maintain the steam wand tip just under the surface of the milk. If you are doing this you will hear a hissing sound, which is a sign that the milk is taking in air. If you hear a noise you are too far down to the milk and need to bring the tip up. When the milk frothing pitcher is stretched and you have got your level of foam you Might have to heat the milk the rest of the way. You can accomplish so by putting the tip of the steaming wand in the base of the pitcher for a few minutes or until the pitcher feels warm to the touch on the bottom.

The Aero latté is truly a quick, easy, worry-free solution for your foaming needs. It has reviews under its belt on our vendor. Some of those reviewers came back a few months – and many years – to upgrade their testimonials and tell everyone their frothing is functioning. It continues for a long time, as we have seen on while it eats batteries those other reviews, and whips up that milk more easily, unlike say, steam framers that need barista-level ability to use and occasionally clog up then! , or hand pump frothing which will cause your palms to ache before the foam starts looking. Overall, in exchange for a little more price for batteries but still Nothing in comparison to an espresso machine, the Aero latté remains a convenient little tool to have around the kitchen, ideal for those times when you do not feel like going to the coffee shop. I guess Nigel was not wrong about recommending this frothing, although she probably keeps a good deal of spare AA.